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Basic Home Care Provides exceptional services under NDIS program. We provide a range of home care services and strive to ensure quality of service. All our services are strictly in accordance with NDIS practice guide and we follow NDIS price guide.

Pricing Details

We follow NDIS Price Guide for all our services, which is subject to change as per price guide update. Please contact us for current pricing details.

We are currently only serving plan managed and self managed participants. We will serve agency managed participants in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDIS?

NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme is an Australian govt initiative to standardise and regulate disability care service in Australia.

Registered Vs Unregistered NDIS Provider

As an NDIS Participant, it is up to you which providers you choose to support you. An unregistered provider do not have to register with NDIS and do not have to follow practice standards.

How do you ensure quality service?

Communication is key. We use client mobile app, direct calls and visits to understand service standard and how satisfied you are with our service. From there we can improve anything.

How to onboard with your service?

Plz contact us using the website contact form or call us. We will visit you and gather information about your support needs. We will then formulate the service arrangement, introduce you to support worker of your choice and start providing services.

Is you pricing negotiable?

No. We follow NDIS price guide and do not negotiate on service prices.

Why Basic Home Care?

Simply put, we guarantee service satisfaction. We will work with you throughout service period to make sure you are happy with everything.