Supported Independent Living - SIL NDIS

NDIS SIL funding is for participants who lives in a Supported Independent Living  facility. This funding allows 24/7 round the clock care support to live in a shared disability living. We provide exceptional quality of service in our SIL homes, 24/7.

Group Homes Australia

SIL funding is available for participants living in group homes for disabled. SIL is the shared supported disability living arrangement, does not include the accommodation cost. Support requirement in SIL group homes can be lower (regular supervision), standard (round the clock personal care), higher (continuous complex care). Group homes usually house lower and standard disability care needs participants.

Independent Living Centres

Participants with high care needs and behavioural support needs receive SDA (Specialist disability accommodation)  funding.  NDIS SDA funding covers specialist accommodation requirements of the participant. NDIS SIL funding provides budget for support and care in the disability living centres. 

Basic Home Care SIL services :

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